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How do I get a degree that has already been awarded?

It could be that you did not collect the degree from the College (in case you did an undergraduate course). All degrees of successful candidates are sent by the University to the College concerned. So in the normal course your degree would be awaiting collection in the College where you were an undergraduate.

Please get in touch with the Principal of your College, giving the reason why you could not/did not collect the degree when it was due, requesting that it may be sent to you now. You can find the phone numbers of all the Colleges on the University Phone Directory which is available on the University website. You could then find out the e-mail/fax number where the College wants to receive your request, and proceed from there.

If the College informs you that they do not have your degree with them, this could possibly mean that your degree was not sent to the College by the University. In most cases this would be due to the fact that:

You did not clear all the required examinations, or as in some specialized courses, you were required to submit a term paper, or some other specialized assignment, which you perhaps overlooked. In a few cases where such an assignment may have to go to outside examiners, there might be a delay here, or some other procedural problem. In this case, you should apprise the controller of examinations with the problem that you are facing in this regard.

In a few cases, we have found out that the alumnus when a student did not submit the enrollment form for his/her enrollment with the University. This is done at the time of your admission to a course in College. It is a University requirement that unless this form is processed, no degree can be issued.

In case you fall into this category, and can not cite your Enrollment number, you will have to fill a fresh enrollment form and have it sent to the University through your original College/Institution. This form is now available on the University website. Please download this form (find out if an enrollment fee, which is normally paid at the time of admission has not been paid; if not pay it), and request the College to send this form to the University. Or you may send someone to the College to expedite this process.

How do I get my degree verified or authenticated?

Sometimes job-givers or immigration officers require an official authentication of the degree already with you. You should contact the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations through the agency/institution that requires such authentication and proceed from there. Send a copy of the request to the office of Dean Alumni.

I have lost my degree/certificate. What do I do?

In the case of the loss of the original degree/certificate awarded and collected by you, the University requires an affidavit from you declaring the loss of degree and the circumstances. This should be sent to the Controller of Examinations, with a copy to the Dean Alumni, along with a request for the issue of a duplicate degree. This form is also available on the University website.

I did not collect my original mark sheet. How can I get it now?

Your mark sheets are sent to your College (for undergraduates) or the relevant Department (if you did a masters course) after the declaration of results. In case you did not collect your mark sheet, and wish to have it now, you should get in touch with your College/Department/Institution.

How can I obtain official transcripts?

There are several steps to this:

Step I: Download the form from the University website and fill up the appropriate information. Pay the required fee and submit the form along with a Bank Draft for the required sum to the Registrar, University of Jammu. (We are working towards making both these things user-friendly, and hope that in the foreseeable future this can be done on line, but till then you will have to bear with us).

Step II: Enclose a photocopy of the mark-sheet of the final examination passed by you along with the form.

Step III: Attach the request from the University/Institution that requires the transcript.

Step IV: Enclose a self-addressed envelope with the requisite postage, and send all the papers to the Controller of Examinations. Before doing this, please get in touch with the Controller Examinations by e-mail, and find out how much processing fee and postage is required in your case. Please send a copy of this request to the office of the Dean Alumni.

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