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Assessed & Accredited grade B++ by NationalAssessment & Accreditation Council(NAAC), Bangalore
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Dept. of English: Dept. of Geography: Dept. of Persian:
1. Prof. Basharat Iqbal (H.O.D) 1. Prof. Javed Mohi-ud-Din (H.O.D) 1. Prof. Mushtaq Ahmed (H.O.D)
2. Prof. Rajiv Katoch 2.

Prof. Mohd. Taqi

3. Prof. Naz Nargar 3. Mr. Taseer Ahmed  
4. Dr. Nafisa Zargar    
Dept. of Computer Sciences: Dept. of Economics: Dept. of Physics:
1. Prof. Arjun Kotwal(H.O.D) 1. Prof. Surinder Singh (H.O.D) 1. Prof. N.K. Manhas(H.O.D)
2. Mr. Sahil  


2. Prof. S.K. Katal
3.Miss. Rachna Gupta     3. Prof. Rakesh Kumar Pandit
4.Vacant     4. Prof. Pinki Kotwal
       5. Prof. Manjeet Singh
Dept. of Botany: Dept. of Chemistry: Dept. of Hindi:
1. Dr. Javed Iqbal Zargar(H.O.D) 1. Dr. Nisar Ahmed Bulla (H.O.D) 1. Prof. Rabinder Kumar (H.O.D)
2. Prof. Devinder Kumar 2.

Prof. Umar Din Rather

3. Prof. H. S. Chouhan 3. Prof. P. K. Chib    
4. Prof. Sandeep Kotwal  
    4. Prof. Ankush Kumar    
    5. Mr. Mohd. Ashraf    
    6. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar    
    7. Mr. Pretam Lalhal    
    8. Miss. Adity Sumberiya    
    9. Miss. Sama Shabir    
Dept. of Urdu: Dept. of Zoology: Dept. of Education:

Prof. Satish Kumar (H.O.D)

1. Prof. Mansa Ram (H.O.D) 1. Prof. Deepa Kak (H.O.D)
2. Prof. Vijay Kumar 2.

Prof. Bal Krishan

3. Dr. J.V. Manhas 3. Miss. Sanjana Devi    
4. Dr. Barket Ali        
Dept. of Electronics: Dept. of Commerce: Dept. of Political-Science:

Dr. Devi Dass


Prof. Prithvi Raj (H.O.D)


Prof. Sanjay Kumar (H.O.D)

2. Vacant 2.

Prof. Manzoor Ahmed


Mr. Deepak Nath

Dept. of Mathematics: Dept. of History: Dept. of Environmental Sciences:

Mr.Nisar Ahmed


Prof. Deep Chand (H.O.D)


Prof. Vijay Kumari (H.O.D)



Dept. of Arabic: Dept. of Sociology: Dept. of Islamic Studies:

Dr. Riyaz Ahmed (H.O.D)


Prof. Jai Mala Thakur (H.O.D)

1. Prof. Nazeer Ahmed (H.O.D)

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